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 Favorite Z3
Anthony from Middletown, New Jersey12/242001 silver 2.5i Roadster
Best car I've ever owned.
Kenneth Phelps from Columbus, MS12/16Red, 2000 2.8
Love, Love, Love my Lil Red Z-3
Ted Beemer from Angus Ontario Canada11/16 1996 Roadster 1.9
Gone to bed for the winter!!!108.000km.Come on spring....
Tom from Silicon Valley, CA4/15My '98 Arctic Silver M Roadster
Been loving this little go-cart since it was new!
Ron Hall from Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia2/26My own '98 Boston Metallic Green 1.9L Top down on warm, clear night with my woman is hard to beat.
Just got my Z3 last summer. It's been put to 'bed' for the winter but I can't wait for this winter (of '14) to be over so I can get it on the road again.
Tricia Turner from Deltona, FLorida2/242001 Z3 Roadster 3.0
My beautiful Bimmer with only 20,300 miles on it.
Mark Cohen from Ojai,CA9/9M-Coupe
Asha from Texas8/31998 convertible 2.8
Ugh! I wish it was mine but there is nobody around that has one that is the color I want for sale... :( I don't know much about cars, but I want this one to be mine so badly, but I can't even drive yet, so why do I care? It's such a pretty car!
Tim Watkinson from Chessington Surrey England7/5Not sure yet
Just started to get intrested in the Z3. I think they look good, far better than a Z4.
John Gaver from Towson Md.5/71997 2.8
1997 2.8 S52
Chuck P. from Deltona, Florida4/2Red, 2.3.
Purchasing a 2000 Z3. Great shape too!! Need advice. What is this performance chip I keep hearing about?? A good thing?? Who has one??
Steve from Washington State2/192000 M Roadster
Awesome car, sadly it has to go For sale. Black on black with 27000 miles.
MILTON from Northern Illinois1/181999 Z3 Limited Coupe
Just got a 1999 Coupe 3 months ago. YIPPEE!! Boston Green, sunroof, 5 speed manual, like new.
L. Browning from Columbus, OH12/8Have a 99 Z3 2.3
I can only describe it as HiDef TV driving after a lifetime of having only seen black and white. No other vehicle I have ever driven handles like it. Sent it to my stepson's college automotive class and they drooled over it while they did the alignment!
Alex de Francisco from Pittsburgh, PA9/172000 M Roadster
Just picked one up on Sat. 2000 M Roadster with 18000 miles. Estoril Blue/Solid Black Interior.
Greg from Gainesville, FL9/161997 Blue 2.8L
I just baught this thing yesterday, and so far so good. The body and interior are almost factory new. Will probably have to do some work underneath. Ride's not that good. It maybe just because I'm not used to such a small car. Love it.
Terry Lee CHilders from Ashland KY8/212.3 2000
Only work done on minehas been a right ft wheel bearing, Tires, battery, and oil changes. @39,000 miles.
Robert Walker from Clovis, CA7/181998 1.9L
We have added your link to our website. We would really appreciate you adding us to your link page. We are a new club and we appreciate any support you can offer. Love you site. Thanks, Robert
Johan Karsten from Hong Kong6/211998 Z3 Roadster 2.8
I bought mine about 2 weeks ago, and BOY, do I wish I had more chance to drive her. She has only done 72000 kilometers in all these years, and she still runs beautifully! She has a few flaws, but nothing that I cannot live with. If I ever get rid of her, it will be to buy another(parking is a bit of a problem here in HK)!

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